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0.8mm Fiber Flexible Endoscope
Adronic fiber optical rigid scope features precision lens, it enables to deliver clear and correct images with superior quality. We also provide a wide range of diameter and length options to meet various inspection purpose of ENT and VET diagnosis.
Fiber Scope applied to Gynecology / Urology department:Cystoscope / Urethoscopy

OD0.8mm Fiber Flexible Endoscope

Adronic endoscope provide improves visibility and provides four times more information than conventional Full HD imaging system, closer distance and realizes rich color reproduction and provides suitable colors for each clinical discipline. Additional, enables easier determination of tissue boundaries. More importation, it can improve visibility and operability with a large screen.

3 Standard Light Post 


Adronic endoscope is able to support other light source system, it includes 3 standard light post adapter same as ACMI, WOLF, STORZ and OLYMPUS. The first (ACMI) light post is permanently attached to endoscope and could not be removed. The second (WOLF) light post attaches to the first one. The end (STORZ/OLYMPUS) light post slides over the second one.


 Precision testing equipment with the most sophisticated technology and optimal system.

 Wide applications in medical treatment, industry detection, military and police.

 Various specifications: soft, rigid, long and short all can be customized.

     All materials meet the requirements of medical grade and RoHS.

 Fiber Scope applied to Gynecology / Urology department:Cystoscope / Urethoscopy




Outer Diameter


Working Length



10,000 pixels

Light material

Light source fiber

Eyepiece Size

32mm Universal eyepiece

Direction of View

Field of View


Depth of View


Tube material



Comply IP67

Application System

                               V70                                                              M55


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